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Minor Bike Service

Just looking to show your bicycle a little TLC? This service is for you!

R350 - This includes:

Wash & Lube

Check Headset & BB

True Wheels

Set Gears & Breaks

Bicycle Setup

As they say, life is a journey.

So make sure your Steed is setup properly & ENJOY the ride, right from the start!

Major Bike Service

Got a Big ride coming up?  

MAJOR Bike Service is the way to go! 

Price R550 - This includes:

Wash & Lube

Set Gears & Brakes

Replace Cables & Housing

Service Headset & BB & Hubs

Torque Bolts

Replace Sealant

Bicycle Rentals

As they say, life is a journey.

So make sure you ENJOY the ride, by choosing a quality bicycle right from the start!

Professional Bike Service

The name says it ALL - A Service for the Pro's!

Price: R1,200 - This includes:

ESSENTIALLY this is a full bike rebuild! So for this price, it's a bargain!

Skills Clinics

Sick & tired of falling? 

Not keeping up with your friend?

Get your skills fine tuned & enjoy your time on your bike.

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